Family Amenities & Recreation

Emory Glen celebrates the simple things in life — from bonds formed between friends, family and neighbors to time spent enjoying the things that residents love most. With amenities that cater to a variety of activities and ages, families can find the balance they’ve been seeking between an active community lifestyle and city living.

Tidewater Pool & Splash Pad

The pool is one of Emory Glen’s primary hubs of fun for everyone. Here, residents can lounge to their heart’s content, make a splash by partaking in games or get their aerobic exercise in.

Goldfinch Park

Imagination will reach new heights at the playground as kids soar on the swings and hang along the monkey bars. Here, the community’s youngest residents can connect with old friends and forge new friendships too.

Alcove Pavilion

Home to spontaneous lunch dates and conversations around the picnic table, the Pavilion is a gathering place for families, friends and neighbors to enjoy each other’s company.

Arden Trailways

Emory Glen’s trails make it easy for residents to revel in the community’s lush natural beauty and listen to the gentle hum of its inhabitants. They’ll feel as though they’re far from a new development, even though they’re steps from home.