5 Ways to Achieve a Rustic-Chic Aesthetic Inspired by Chesmar’s Model Home

Chesmar’s Barrow model home blends rustic charm with chic elegance, creating a space that feels inviting, comfortable, and stylish. If you’re looking to infuse your home with a similar vibe, here are five key elements inspired by Chesmar’s model home that you can incorporate to achieve a rustic-chic aesthetic.

1. Warm Leathers to Add Coziness and Character

Nothing quite captures the essence of rustic-chic like the inclusion of warm leather. Incorporate leather sofas, armchairs, or ottomans to your living space, and opt for rich, earthy tones like deep brown or cognac to evoke a sense of warmth and comfort. Leather adds a luxurious feel and a sense of rugged charm that defines the rustic aspect of this coveted look.

2. Variation in Wooden Textures to Keep the Space Grounded

Wood is a cornerstone of the rustic-chic aesthetic. Create depth and visual interest by incorporating different wooden textures throughout your home. Mix and match furniture pieces with various wood finishes, such as distressed, reclaimed, or natural wood. From coffee tables to shelves, the interplay of wood textures adds a rustic element while maintaining a sophisticated appeal.

3. Bold Prints in Neutral Colors to Make a Statement

Bold prints can inject life and personality into any rustic-chic space. Incorporate throw pillows, rugs, or curtains with geometric, tribal, or floral patterns, and stick to subdued hues like muted grays, soft beiges, or gentle taupes to keep the ambiance elegant. The balance between bold prints and neutral colors creates a harmonious blend that embodies the overall aesthetic.

4. A Warm-Neutral Color Palette for a Relaxed Ambiance

To master the rustic-chic aesthetic, opt for warm neutrals such as beige, taupe, warm gray, and soft cream. These hues create a calming and inviting atmosphere, providing the perfect backdrop for the other design elements to shine. From wall colors to furniture pieces, warm and neutral color schemes ensure that all corners of a room or home exude a rustic feel.

5. Country Decor and Accents to Tie Everything Together

To truly capture the rustic-chic essence, implement country-inspired decor and accents. Think horseshoe wall art, animal motifs, and rope details. These elements evoke a sense of countryside living, bringing a touch of nostalgia and character to your home. Whether through artwork, figurines, or even a creatively-placed piece of rope as decor, these accents add character and tell a story of rustic charm.

Get the Look

Not sure where to begin? Here are a few ideas to get your rustic-chic aesthetic started.

Warm Leathers

1. Sandro Leather Pillow, Burke Decor. 2. Troubadour Saddle Leather Wood Frame Chair — CamelCB2. 3. Naoma Vegan Leather Bed — BrownAll Modern.

Variation in Wooden Textures

1. Selena Cane BedOne Kings Lane. 2. Nico 39.5” Sideboard — BlackAll Modern. 3. Welasco 3 Drawer ChestWayfair.

Bold Prints in Neutral Colors

1. Stria Black and White Woven Silk Throw PillowCB2. 2. Circle Wave Point Pattern QuiltAmazon. 3. Balta Larsen Modern Stripe RunnerAshley Home.

Warm-Neutral Color Palette

1. Hollins Coffee TableAll Modern. 2. Grant Demi SofaBurke Decor. 3. Handmade Textured Porcelain and Walnut Table Lamp1st Dibs.

Country Decor and Accents

1. Space Cowboy Throw PillowAmazon. 2. Brown Horse Framed Oil PaintingCB23. Tenn Well 1/2 inch Jute RopeAmazon.

Don’t just take our word for it — stop by Chesmar’s Barrow model home and let your design dreams come to life. Click here to explore Emory Glen’s available homes.

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